2020 – Best Year Of My Life

2020 – The Best Year Of My Life What a year this has been. For so many in the world – one to forget. My experience is the opposite. This year was full and rich – enough so that I’ve been inspired to dig through the pictures of the year and add some memories. I’m […]

Wilderness Fast – WHY?

Why would anyone want to head out into the bush to be alone with nature for three or four days and nights, solo, with no food and (in some cases water and sleep)? To face the elements – including the cold, heat, mosquitoes, snakes, darkness, light, boredom, ache and pains of simple natural living. Indeed, […]

That evil B-word

Budget stress

So, you’ve been tracking your spending for a while now. (If you haven’t, get to it!!) You are more aware than ever of your spending choices and some of the emotional issues that underlie some of your purchasing. The next step is rather simple, though for many its where this process stalls. We now have […]

Lack and abundance

I clearly remember my experience of living in lack. Money meant security. With money in the bank,  I could feel relaxed. When some unexpected spending came along, I’d experience a fight reflex – legs tense, adrenaline pounding through my body. The figurative tiger was not outside of me, but inside. When the financial reserves were […]

Known unknowns

In 2009, Donald Rumsfeld famously thrust a long-standing NSI phrase into the public light when he talked about known knowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns. In simple terms, this refers what we know, what we do not know, and what we cannot know. When it comes to our financial energy, one of the first steps […]


As I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head (yes, its a large, rather empty place with lots of room for tossers!) I find myself drawn to many different topics. I’m mad keen to write about them, but some of those discussions are somewhat philosophical. So before I do that, seems a good idea to […]


  People come to a place of wanting to look at their finances for a range of different reasons. Perhaps its because they are tired of always having to watch the money at the end of the month. Maybe there’s a future dream that always appears over the horizon and isn’t getting any closer as […]