I’ve been interested in conscious growth ever since running into the concept. Few things are more deeply satisfying that finding myself showing up in a situation and responding/reacting differently than I had done previously.

My dream is to see all people living themselves in their fullness in all areas of life.

After a recent trip down memory lane, I was able to clearly see how consistently I’ve been dedicated to self-exporation and growth. A growing natural expression of this is to speak of what I am learning. Part of this growth has involved my relationship to money. I grew up always having money in the bank because I’m a natural (and indoctrinated) hoarder. However, behind this seeming abundance lay a deep sense of scarcity. I was always afraid it was going to be lost.

In 2014 I joined the Wilson Luna program for launching entrepreneurs. Over the next 18 months, through a series of intensive workshops, many of my core beliefs and emotions were challenged around the area of money. From this I was able to move to a more truly abundant view of the world.

Lately I’ve been feeling into what more soul-centered living would look like. The IT business I’ve created is great from a lifestyle point of view, and has been a wonderful vehicle for our life, but I’m convinced that there’s more to offer.

My current edge is to deepen my outlook and contribution to the world, and ensure that this takes into account proper sustainability. By this I mean considering the ripples that my actions will have on the next few generations.

My current definition of success is:

Love myself, love my family, live on purpose, growing in kindness, awareness and freedom.

In the physical world, I live up in Steinbach, with my partner as an apprentice in marriage. We have three children – one of whom is still in the relative bosom of homeschooling, while the older two are thriving at SRSS. Our future selves live on some acreage, growing more of our food, and living more closely with the cycles of the natural world.

I believe strongly in the goodness and potential of all people. Dogmas and creeds that say otherwise are based in older views of suspicion and guilt. To quote the Dalai Lama:

There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.

I learn from the stories of people around me. I sit with men every other week, and have been shaped by this experience. Nature’s voice is strong in solitude, and so the annual practice of participating in wilderness solo fasts are a growing practice.

To whom much has been given – much is required.