We (Gord and Charles) invite you to join with other men to find freedom from PMO and live your deeper purpose.

Does lack of purpose in your life lead to porn use? Do you use porn to numb out boredom? Have you tried repeatedly to stop, and just can seem to stick with your decision? Can you imagine a life where porn doesn’t erode your integrity? Are you looking for support from others on a similar journey?

We imagine a group of six to ten men gathering twice a month. The group would be non-religious, non-therapeutic, and based on principles of gathering in circle – sharing our truth and witnessing others doing the same.

We’re not interested in a rigid moral approach coupled with strict accountability. Instead, we see more value in a compassionate and curious exploration of our lives – how our our accumulated traumas intersect with the daily decisions we make.

So, if you want to deepen your self-awareness, practice empathy and listening, develop greater self-compassion, and find freedom from something unwanted, this could be for you.

This invitation is not asking for commitment. Once we know who is interested, we will schedule a meeting so we can see whether this is something that fits.

Most men watch porn.

We’re supporting those who choose to
take back control of their mind, energy, sex life and masculinity.

Gord Funk
p: 204.408.3940

I grew up in a small religious community in MB. I was drawn into a dysfunctional relationship with sexuality in my teens. Over the years, I’ve come to view this PMO issue as more of a symptom that then underlying problem. When I’m living on purpose – with a fire in the belly – there’s less room for distraction.

I work in IT, so spending hours on the computer is normal. Outside of that, I’ve discovered a love of running, of being outdoors, and growing food. I’m married with three kids, and enjoy being with people who want to grow their way towards better versions of themselves.

Charles Enns

I grew up in Winnipeg MB where my family attended a progressive mennonite church. Though growing up in a Christian context offered a grounding to understand my spirituality, it also bred seeds of shame in how I experienced my sexuality. As I grew into my teens, I developed a PMO addiction as a way to cope with life’s stresses and difficulties. Over the past number of years I have been on a healing journey to understand and recover from my PMO addiction

Today, I journey with my life partner Jaymie and my loyal doggy friend Rudy. I work at a non-profit providing support to individuals experiencing homelessness and love my hobbies which include hand tool woodworking, beer making, hockey, and tennis. 

Charles Enns