Life is a grand journey – at least, for those of us fortunate enough to live a life of freedom and choice.

At times however, my experience of this life is one of compression – not enough time, not enough money, too many demands pulling me in different directions. At my mid-life age, there’s not always enough energy to go around. And even when there is, the inclination to respond to the pressures of life is strangely missing.

I believe that many of the ‘problems’ in my life are of my own making. They’re the result of taking the easy road, of not challenging my assumptions about things, of taking the status quo as the only way. Yet I’m starting to see that there are simple ways out of this – not easy, perhaps, but simple.

I hope to explore these issues here as a means of fleshing out my own thinking. To slow down my need for speed (velocity is a personal value of mine) and ponder things, and take the time to weigh them up, and even perhaps to get some feedback from the wider community.

If you’re here, I say welcome. May you find something of value for your own journey.